The Collection


“The 333 Safe offers unrivaled design and beauty.”

Impressive and quintessential, pictures do no justice to the premium black or white front textured finish which is complete with a sparkling gold tone spindle providing simple elegance.

The unbeatable experience of scanning your finger and turning the spindle to enter your own private vault is something that our clients get to enjoy on a daily basis.

The beauty of the safe itself allows its positioning to be incorporated into spaces as part of the design and provides a finishing feature and utility to many places including a dressing room, study or anywhere our clients see fit.


“The 333 Safe accommodates all affluent clientele.”

The avid watch enthusiast will be appeased with an interior that provides eight individually tuned watch winders to house a valued collection.

Alternatively, a fit-out including two large shelves provides generous space for storing luxury items or important documents that you need secured. 

Both equipped with four drawers for ample safekeeping; ideal for cash, collectibles and other precious items.

*The interior options can be accustomed to both exterior colours adding a layer of personalisation to suit our clients requirements and preferences.


If you would like to book in a demonstration or viewing of the 333 Safe or have already seen and wish to proceed with a purchase, use the contact form below. Alternatively contact us directly on 0447 933 333.

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