The ultimate accessory isn’t a watch or a diamond necklace, it is not the keys to your supercar or mountain hideaway, it is the safe where you store these items, your most valuable possessions.

This exquisite Timekeeper safe combines the traditional elegance of a bygone era with an ultra-modern security system. Its sleek design and careful crafting means it will fit in with the most elegant décor in any property and the idea of simply scanning your fingerprint and turning the classic vault-style golden spindle to open the door adds an extra touch of glamour.

The embossed leather exterior gives way to an interior of polished veneer and a display case with eight individual watch winders to ensure your prized automatic timepieces are always ready to be worn, no matter how long since you last used them.

Beautifully illuminated with four drawer compartments and shelving, there is space for all your most essential items and documents. Featuring a solid steel dual locking system, fire-resistant casing, shock alarm system and hidden black box recording device.

With voice navigation and a digital passcode to complement the biometric lock, it features the latest cutting-edge technology enfolded within the sleek beauty of this grand freestanding safe. The Timekeeper is the ultimate accessory for the most discerning owners and the most upscale properties.

  • Biometric Opening Lock
  • Digital Passcode Alternative
  • Hybrid Power
  • Voice Navigation
  • Internal Lighting
  • Hidden Blackbox Recording
  • Shock Alarm
  • Fire Resistant
  • Four Drawer Compartments
  • Glass Shelve Storage

Approximate External Dimensions Below
Height:  1400mm 
Width:  700mm 
Depth:  720mm 
Weight:  500kg~

Collection Remaining:
  • 1 x White
  • 3 x Black