Delivery & Installation

Our safe delivery and installation staff are accredited and licensed professionals and have the skill, knowledge and expertise to deliver and install your safe giving you total peace of mind that it will arrive and be moved securely.

Whether craned through windows, over roofs, down in basements or up and down stairs, we have the ability to get your safe into it's desired location. We ensure you of complete security and confidentiality.

Delivery throughout Australia is typically completed typically in 5-10 days varying on location and availability of yourself and appropriate transportation.

If you would like the delivery to be held back until the appropriate stage of an ongoing development this is something we can accommodate.
If you feel there will be obstacles which will affect the delivery of your safe such as narrow or winding stairwells it is best to contact us before your purchase to ensure the delivery is indeed possible.

Dimensions are approximately 
Height:  1400mm 
Width:  700mm 
Depth:  720mm 
Weight:  500kg~

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