Luxury vault Melbourne

It takes just a minute to lose your prized assets, documents and a lifetime of collectibles. You can secure your valuable possessions from fire, damage and theft by locking them up in a luxury vault Melbourne by 333 Safes. Today, people install luxury vault Melbourne in their homes rather than paying to keep their stuff in a security locker at the bank. The advantage of having a luxury vault Melbourne at home is that you can get the chance to keep anything of value like artefacts, ammunitions, currency, antiques etc. with you and access them whenever you want rather than only during the bank's business hours. In addition, valuables and cash set away in a locker aren't totally insured, while property owners’ and resident’s insurance would cover things kept in a luxury vault Melbourne at home. 

If you are considering buying a luxury vault Melbourne, it's important to consider what all you will be putting inside them as it determines the internal and external construction which is a huge factor in the cost of the luxury vault Melbourne. 

A standard luxury vault Melbourne has the capacity to house different sized objects including every day files, paper documents and computerized media like memory sticks, USBS, CDs and DVDs. At the same time they can be used to store jewellery, accessories, watches, gems, gold bullions and silver sterling, antiques and other collectible valuables.

A luxury vault Melbourne is not only built to resist breakage and theft but is also fire resistant to up to 120 minutes. This implies that in case of a fire, it gives you the extra time to make sure that you and your family are secure before you worry about your valuables.