Money safes Melbourne

When you spend a great deal of hard work and time in earning money, you want to keep it safe. So why waste it on a safe that won't protect it against fire, theft and break in? With 333 money safes Melbourne, you are not just provided with a safe that is robust and crack proof but with complete peace of mind for you and your business. 

The money safes Melbourne from 333 safes are built using industry grade tough metal which makes them exceptionally hard to break for a thief. They are also fire resistant providing great protection for your paper documents and cash from heat and smoke damage. The metal is filled up with a fire proof material and can't be effectively punctured, cut or sawed with common hand held instruments. 

Apart from cash, our money safes Melbourne are the perfect choice for hundreds of our customers for securely locking up pictures and other delicate objects like data and media devices (photos, CDs/DVDs and PC circles/tapes etc), watches, gems and jewels, antiques, collectibles and much more. Our money safes Melbourne are constructed and designed to ensure whatever is inside stays safe and secure and they can be installed by bolting to a slab of concrete making them next to impossible to extract. 

Although it is not possible to ensure 100% safety, our money safes Melbourne is an incredible option for keeping your valuables secure from all conceivable threats. Combined with a good security and alarm system, our money safes Melbourne is a smart investment offering best value for money.