Safe shop Melbourne

Safety is the top priority for 333 Safes, the most trusted safe shop Melbourne. While every safe shop Melbourne makes the claim that nobody can open one of its safes by force, we all know that the lock is the safe's most vulnerable feature. All things considered, if a stranger can figure out the key code or phrase, he can get to the contents regardless of what the safe is made of. It is for this reason that safes at our premium safe shop Melbourne employ a keypad as well as emergency combination lock in case you forget the key sequence. Enter the code, an inside bolt withdraws; turn the handle and you're in. 

While our personal safes, watch safes and money safes are small in size and can be easily concealed to avoid detection, the commercial and more elaborate safes available at our safe shop Melbourne make sure that there's no confusion that it's a safe as that is the point. They convey security and solidity to make anyone with bad intentions alert that your property is well protected.

On request for those not wishing to take any chances, our safe shop Melbourne can offer safes with biometric unique finger impression or some other opening system like face recognition or retina scanner. Another safety feature offered by safes in our safe shop Melbourne is the ability to bolt the safe into the floor or a concrete slab as it will take a very prepared and skilled criminal to rip it off its secure position. 

Safes are an investment to protect your investments. It is thus essential that you purchase them from only the most trusted and reliable safe shop Melbourne like 333 Safes.