Security & Features

Security second to none, The Triple Three safe collection offers the best security features on the market, each safe is built with fortified wall construction, fail safe locking methods and the ability to run independent of power supply. 

Offering numerous excellent fire resistant properties and anti-burglary devices, a high sensitivity shock sensor with a 120 decibel alarm protects contents in the event that it is tipped or struck.

It is the first of it’s kind to implement a dual bolt locking system. Resembling a bank vault when the spindle is wound the lock mechanism on the door secures a remarkable total of 26 x 1.1 inch steel bolts on all four sides.

It is one of the only safes in the world which offers an in-built surveillance camera which records movement in front of the safe and stores the footage inside of a concealed black box providing you with peace of mind at all times.

The installation and delivery of this unit is a service which we can provide and assist with. Many customers will opt to bolt it into the ground to provide the ultimate security for their valuables.

The safe features a simple to operate system with voice navigation, you have the ability to elect either a digital password up to 20 digits or a bio-metric fingerprint to fit your busy lifestyle.